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6.5 Untraditional Ways to Keep Your Sales Team Informed in Real Time

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Being a sales leader is no easy task. You worry about leads, hiring, motivation, reporting, technology, competition, compensation, training, knowledge gaps among your reps… And the list goes on.

Unfortunately, we can't tackle all those challenges in today's blog post. (We couldn't even do it in one book.) Instead, we'll look at one important task: keeping your sales team informed. Face-to-face meetings and lunch-and-learns aren't the only way to disseminate information. Smart sales leaders use an assortment of communication methods and tools to educate their reps on the competition, the industry, and target accounts.

In this post, we'll take a look at six-ish untraditional ways to keep your sales team informed. By using these tactics, your reps won't have to wait for the marketing and sales enablement teams to create instructional content. They'll stay up to date in real time.

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