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7 Practical Tips for Curating Content for C-Level Employee Advocates

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For a while, executives feared social networks as if LinkedIn and Twitter were modern day boogeymen. Now, social media use among executives is becoming increasingly more common. In a Harvard Business Review article, John Legere, the CEO of T-Mobile, notes, "Social media has become a key part of my leadership strategy… Much of what I do online is listen to customers, and social media is perfect for that."

Unfortunately, not every executive will have John Legere's skill level on social. Sure, some can listen, monitor, and engage on social without much assistance. But others will need your guidance, especially at the start. They will need help creating professional profiles, learning about hashtags, and, oh yes, they will need help finding and sharing great content.

In this post, we'll focus on that last item: the content piece. We'll share seven practical tips for curating content for your employee advocates in the C-suite.

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