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Social Selling in 2017: Organizational Change Management Becomes a Priority

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As Hank Nothhaft, Jr. our CEO, outlines in his 2017 predictions, social selling will shift from a hobby to a strategic imperative. To cross that chasm, companies will need to put several key elements in place so that they can build transformative, successful social selling programs. In 2016, there has been recognition of the importance of change management for digital transformation programs such as social selling. I believe that, in 2017, organizational change management will be at the core of successful programs.

Here are some more specific predictions that will drive the success of strategic social selling programs.

  • Executives (especially the C-suite) will adopt and experience the value of social media. Executive engagement will prove to be a key driver of social selling program adoption and growth.

  • Quality training will bring social selling programs to life, setting the foundation for adoption, growth, and business results.

Let’s explore these predictions in a bit more detail.

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