Employee advocacy continued to be a hot topic in 2016, and as Altimeter has found, more and more companies are choosing to invest in employee advocacy programs:


To help you wade through the content about employee advocacy, we decided to curate a list of our favorite pieces. (They're in no particular order.) We hope that you benefit from the content below as you build your employee advocacy program.


1. Understanding Employee Advocacy on Social Media

The Hinge Research Institute surveyed 588 people. They found that firms with formal employee advocacy programs grow faster and see more benefits than those without them. What's more, a formal employee advocacy program helps shorten the sales cycle. But keep in mind that employee advocacy is not just a "one and done" endeavor. It requires training and the right tools.

2. Social Media Employee Advocacy: Tapping into the Power of an Engaged Workforce

Altimeter released their own research on employee advocacy, touting the fact that 90% brands surveyed are already pursuing or have plans to pursue some form of employee advocacy. As Ed Terpening and his team point out, employee advocacy programs do have their challenges, one of the foremost being the content strategy.

3. Employee as Brand: The 2016 State of Employee Advocacy

Like Altimeter, JEM Consulting & Advisory Services found that employee advocacy is a fast-growing initiative, even though nearly 50% of the companies surveyed did not have an employee advocacy program in place. The programs that are in place are fairly new, and they are experiencing their fair share of growing pains. Nearly 40% of the companies surveyed are neutral or dissatisfied with the success of their employee advocacy program.

4. Does Gamification Drive Employee Advocacy Adoption?

The short answer: No. Read Ed Terpening's post for a lengthier explanation.

5. How Employee Advocacy Fits into Your Marketing Technology Stack

How much software does your marketing department use? My guess: A lot. So, how do employee advocacy platforms fit into your marketing ecosystem? This post gives you a framework for answering that question.

6. Launch an Employee Advocacy Program That Works

Launching an employee advocacy program takes careful planning. The folks at Gartner share their five-part blueprint in this blog post.

7. How to Frame Employee Advocacy for Your Employees

Without the support of your employees, your advocacy program will never take off, you will miss your KPIs, and your program will belly flop. So, what's a marketer supposed to do? This post explains how to get your employees' buy-in for the program.

8. 8 Onboarding Topics for Your Employee Advocacy Program

Want to learn about employee advocacy onboarding? Sarah Goodall highlights eight topics that program leaders should discuss with employees to ensure the success of their programs.

9. A 5-Step Social Media Training Program for Employees

You’ve been thinking about employee advocacy for some time. Your company is ready. Your employees are ready. But how do you pull a social media training program together for your employees? This post underscores some of the key considerations.

10. Employee Advocacy Is the Key to Successful Content Marketing 

John White points out that many companies are ineffective on social because they lack advocacy from their employees. In this article, John enumerates the objections that employees have, and he provides you with ways to tackle those objections.

11. Why Employee Advocacy Initiatives Should Start with Social Selling

Many companies wonder where they should start their employee advocacy initiatives. The most logical place is the sales team. This blog post explains why.

12. The One Thing That Is Killing Employee Advocacy Programs


Content has proven itself to be one of the hardest challenges for advocacy programs. In this post, we'll take a look at why content is so important for empowering employees on social, why it's so hard to get right, and how companies can overcome this challenge.

13. 6 Questions Every CMO Has about Employee Advocacy

Any employee advocacy program worth its salt has executive buy-in. When you're approaching the marketing leaders at your company, it's a good idea to anticipate some of the questions and objections that they might have.

14. To Be a Social Leader, You Must Be a Change Leader

Today, being a social leader is not about being an expert in social media and digital communications. Rather, it is about change management. In this post, Kim Babcock provides a detailed framework for change management for social businesses.

15. 8 Simple Tips for Busy Executives on Social Media

While many executives understand the importance of social, they feel like they don't have time for social networking. That's why Henry Nothhaft, Trapit's CEO, shared some of his best tips.

16. 6 Questions Management Consultants Have about Employee Advocacy

According to the report by JEM Consulting & Advisory Services, business and professional services firms are the biggest proponents of employee advocacy programs. Why is that? This post answers that question and more.

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