When it comes to marketing, content is paramount. Curation, or carefully selecting and sharing third-party content with your audience, is also becoming a huge part of effective content strategy. In this changing territory of content marketing and the digital age, it can be difficult to know exactly how much content you should be creating and sharing, or what the balance should be between original and curated content. Trapit wanted to know more about how marketers were adapting to the new landscape, so we conducted a study of U.S. marketers about content, curation, and how both fit into the perfect marketing strategy for today's world. These are just a few of the findings that indicate that both curation and content marketing are key elements to any business's success. 

One thing we can learn from this is that marketers know that they need to be sharing a healthy amount of content (at least 10 pieces a day, ideally 15), but they are struggling to get there. Alongside that, it seems that curation will be a key to helping marketers achieve their content goals and bridge the gap between how much content they can create, and how much they want to be sharing. 

To read the full survey and analysis, click the link below. 

Download the 2013 Trapit Curation Survey


Posted by Kelly Montgomery

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