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CROs, You Can't Live without the Modern Sales Stack

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The sales world has undergone a dramatic shift. Buyers are in control, and they are using online channels to interact with brands. As a result, traditional "smile and dial" tactics are dying.

To engage the modern buyer, sales organizations have become increasingly more digitally minded. And to become more digitally minded, sales organizations have become more reliant on technology.

The rise of the digital buyer has led to the explosion of sales applications and platforms. And with that explosion comes a slew of data. Whereas yesterday's CROs and VPs of Sales relied heavily on anecdotal evidence, today's sales leaders can supplement anecdotes with data, making it possible for sales leader to make more accurate decisions.

But how do you do that? How do you make better decisions that will help your sales team engage the digital buyer? The answer: Develop a collection of complementary sales software applications – commonly called the "Sales Technology Stack."

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