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Making the Leap from Sales Spam to Account-Based Outreach

social selling, account-based sales

Many B2B companies have created digitally enabled sales organizations, processes, and systems. Their goal is to remain competitive by building multichannel interactions with customers across email, mobile, and social. Simply taking a digital approach, however, is not enough. Even well-designed sales processes can be undermined by the sales team's mentality and tactics, especially if sales reps cling to old prospecting techniques that leave buyers feeling peeved.

The majority of buyers find that gathering information on their own is superior to interacting with a sales rep. Ouch! In part, that’s because buyers are tired of receiving sales spam, communications that pretend to be relevant and personal, but are self-serving and impersonal. You know the type of email and InMail and tweet. You receive them every day.

To gain your buyer's trust, reps need to take a leap of faith and stop communicating like it's the 1990s. Let's take a look at how to send better sales messages.

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